Center for Teaching and Learning

Campus resources

Below is a list of teaching related resources across campus.

UW campus resources

In departments, schools, and colleges

Course texts/readings

Technology in the classroom

  • UW-IT Catalyst Web Tools
    A set of Web-based communication and collaboration applications designed for use in teaching, learning, research, and everyday work
  • UW-IT Ignite! Sessions
    Sessions offering ideas and practical advice for instructors and staff who are interested in using information technology for teaching and learning
  • UW-IT Learning and Scholarly Technologies
    Support for UW faculty, researchers, students, staff, and clinicians in their uses of technology in research and education
  • UW-IT Workshops
    Walk-in sessions on topics including computing fundamentals, Catalyst WebTools, digital video, design and graphics, and web publishing

University Libraries

  • Campus Writing Resources
    List of writing centers and resources for UW students
  • Digital Collections
    Images and historical documents from UW Libraries, UW faculty and departments, and organizations that have participated in partner projects with the libraries
  • Research Commons
    A collaborative environment in which students and faculty can come together to share and discuss research, and a place for workshop and presentation opportunities
  • University Libraries
    A broad array of tools and services to support the teaching needs of faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • Workshops
    Workshops on strategies and resources to introduce students to research in a specific discipline and tailored to individual classes


Experiential learning opportunities

Assessment of student learning

Campus safety

  • Night Ride Shuttle Service
    Shuttle service running from 8 p.m. to midnight available to all U-Pass holders
  • SafeCampus
    Information on counseling and safety resources, university policies, and violence reporting requirements that help maintain safe personal, work, and learning environments

Facilities and equipment

University policies