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Returning Student Reenrollment

Application Deadlines

Quarter Application Opens Deadline Date
AutumnFebruary 1July 1
WinterJuly 1November 1
SpringNovember 1February 1
SummerFebruary 1June 1

If the application submission deadline has passed for the quarter in which you are looking to return and you still wish to be considered for readmission, please submit a Late Application petition request to

Returning Student Application

Undergraduate, Professional and Tuition Exempt Students

If you wish to return to the University of Washington after an absence of more than one quarter and you have not obtained a degree in your last enrolled category either from the University of Washington or from another institution, you may apply by completing and paying the $70 application fee online with the Returning Student Application Form.

Note that withdrawing from one quarter and not attending the subsequent quarter constitutes an absence of two consecutive quarters, which triggers the need for a Returning Student application.

Readmission is granted at the discretion of the University. Factors which may be considered when determining eligibility for readmission include, but are not limited to, registration or transcript holds, previous academic achievement, length of absence, space availability in the major in which you were previously enrolled, activities during the period in which you were not enrolled, and prior disciplinary action. After we review your application you will be emailed if more action is needed by you before we can make a re-admission decision.

Returning students who have been away from the University fewer than two quarters have the highest priority for readmission. A student previously enrolled in an academic program with restricted enrollment and/or special admission requirements should consult his or her adviser about procedures for readmission into the same program. If you are not readmitted into your special program, you can be readmitted as a pre-major in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Enrollment Confirmation instructions are sent to you via email shortly after the application is reviewed and processed. This email will contain a link for you to pay a $100 non-refundable Enrollment Confirmation Deposit online via credit, debit or web check that will be applied toward your tuition by the date indicated on your Offer of Admission. This $100 deposit must be paid before you will be allowed to register for the quarter. Matriculated students readmitted to the University via the Returning Student Application register during Registration Period II. See Academic Calendar for dates.

Graduate Student Returning from On-leave

Graduate students who are returning from official on-leave status are not required to fill out a Returning Student application.

See On-Leave Policy for information on applying for on-leave status.

Returning from Military Leave

You may apply to return using the Online Returning Student Re-enrollment Application. The returning student application fee will be waived for students who are returning the quarter directly following their United States military service, if they provide a copy of their military orders. Once you are offered readmission, the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit will also be waived and registration will be permitted beginning Registration Period I. The application fee waiver and enrollment confirmation deposit waiver does not apply to those students who voluntarily enlist.

Returning After Graduation

If you have graduated either from the University of Washington or from another institution, you may return to the University in a new admission status or as a summer-only non-matriculated student. You must complete the appropriate application for your new status through the appropriate admission office.

If you want to complete another undergraduate degree, you will need to apply as a postbaccalaureate student through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you want to pursue a professional degree in Law, Dentistry, or Medicine, you will need to apply directly through the respective schools. If you want to pursue a graduate degree or admission as a Graduate Non-Matriculated student, you will need to apply through the appropriate academic department. You will need to pay the appropriate application fee for each application.

Additional Information

Students applying to enter the University for the first time or in a new category may not apply as returning students. Instead, they should consult information about the appropriate category: undergraduate, which includes postbaccalaureates; graduate; or professional.

If you need additional information about returning to the University of Washington as a returning student, please email the

You may also call the Registration and Transcripts Office and a staff member will assist you. See the Registration and Transcripts Office information for current hours and contact information.