Registration at UW

Registration at the University of Washington

The Registration Office at the University of Washington is here to support students with the registration process by providing guidelines and policy information.

There are many online resources to help understand the UW registration process. If after reviewing the resources and videos below, you find you still have questions, for MyPlan support please visit the MyPlan site.

For all other registration questions, please contact or visit the Registration Office, and a staff member will gladly assist you.

Before You Register

Registration is quick and easy to do, but good planning before you register is essential. Before you register be sure to read and review the following checklists:

If you are new to the registration process you may find it helpful to view the Getting Started with Registration video tutorial prior to beginning the registration process as well.

If you are having issues registering, please review the Registration Eligibility criteria to ensure you are in good standing and eligible to register, and that you do not have a registration hold.

How to Register


In Autumn 2012, UW students gained a new online tool to help with planning their academic futures. Enhancements to MyPlan in 2015 included a registration "hand-off" process feature, which allows students to send their selected course section SLNs directly to the legacy registration system from within MyPlan.

Registration Process

What You Can Register for

When You Can Register

Additional Information

Registration Policies

Registration Options