Credit for Beginning College Study at an Advanced Level

A student who begins college study in the third quarter of the second-year University language sequence may receive 5 credits for the second quarter of the second-year course, provided the third-quarter course is successfully completed. Similarly, a student who begins college study with an upper-division course in a language (other than courses in English translation or in conversational practice) may be granted 10 credits for the second- and third-quarter courses of the second-year sequence, provided that course is successfully completed.

A student who is placed by examination at the level of MATH 125 or higher receives additional credits upon completion of the advanced course. If the student's first University mathematics course is MATH 125, credit for MATH 124 is given. A student whose first mathematics course is math 126 is given credit for both MATH 124 and 125.

A student who is placed by examination at the level of CSE 143, may upon successfully completing the course, receive credit for CSE 142.

A student must apply for advanced standing credits at the Graduation and Academic Records Office after having completed the advanced course.