Guide to Classroom Locations

The three-letter classroom abbreviations below appear in the Time Schedule and on Registration Confirmation forms. Select the building name to display the appropriate section of the Campus Map.


Code - Building Name (Map Grid)

ACC - John M. Wallace Hall (formerly Academic Computing Center)
AER - Aerospace & Engineering Research Building
ALB - Allen Library
AND - Anderson Hall
ARC - Architecture Hall
ART - Art Building
ATG - Atmos Sci/Geophysics

BAG - Bagley Hall
BGH - Botany Greenhouse
BIOE - W.H. Foege Bioengineering Building
BLD - Bloedel Hall
BMM - Burke Memorial Museum
BNS - Benson Hall
BRY - Bryant Building

CDH - Condon Hall
CHB - Chemistry Building
CHCL - Center on Human Development and Disability
CHL - Chemistry Library Building
CLK - Clark Hall
CMA - Ceramic and Metal Arts Building
CMU - Communications Building
CNH - Canoe House
COH - Children's Hospital (Off campus)
CSE - Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering
CSH - Conibear Shellhouse

DEN - Denny Hall
DEM - Dempsey Hall
DRC - Douglas Research Conservatory
DSC - 3941 University Way N.E.

ECC - Ethnic Cultural Center
EDP - Edmundson Pavilion
EEB - Electrical Engineering Building
EGA - Engineering Annex
EGL - Eagleson Hall
ELB - Engineering Library
EXED - Bank of America Executive Education Center and Foster Library

FIS - Fisheries Center
FLK - Fluke Hall
FRH - Friday Harbor Laboratories (Off campus)
FSH - Fisheries Building
FTR - Fisheries Teaching Research Building

GA1 - Guthrie Annex 1
GA2 - Guthrie Annex 2
GA3 - Guthrie Annex 3
GDR - Golf Driving Range
GHH - Group Health Hospital (Off campus)
GLD - Gould Hall
GNOM - W.H. Foege Genome Sciences Building
GRB - Gerberding Hall (Administration)
GTH - Guthrie Hall
GUG - Guggenheim Hall
GWN - Gowen Hall

HAG - Henry Art Gallery
HCK - Hitchcock Hall
HGT - Haggett Hall
HHL - Harris Hydraulics Lab
HLL - Hall Health Center
HMC - Harborview Medical Center (Off campus)
HND - Henderson Hall
HPT - Hughes Penthouse Theater
HRC - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Off campus)
HS4 - Health Sciences Annex 4
HSA - Health Sciences Building wings A, B, & C
HSB - Health Sciences Building wings AA and BB
HSD - Health Sciences Building wings D, F, G, & H
HSE - Health Sciences Building wing E
HSI - Health Sciences Building wing I
HSJ - Health Sciences Building wing J
HSK - Health Sciences Building wing K
HSRR - Health Sciences Building wing RR
HST - Health Sciences Building wing T
HUB - Student Union Building
HUT - Hutchinson Hall

ICH - Cunningham Hall
ICT - Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center
IMA - Intramural Activities Building

JHA - Johnson Annex
JHN - Johnson Hall

KIN - Kincaid Hall
KNE - Kane Hall

LAW - William H. Gates Hall
LEW - Lewis Hall
LOW - Loew Hall

MAR - Marine Studies Building
MEB - Mechanical Engineering Building
MGH - Mary Gates Hall
MKZ - Mackenzie Hall
MLR - Miller Hall
MNY - Meany Hall
MOR - More Hall
MSB - Marine Sciences Building
MUE - Mueller Hall
MUS - Music Building

NOC - Not On Campus
NRB - Nuclear Reactor Building

OBS - Observatory
OCE - Oceanography Building
OCN - Ocean Sciences Building
OTB - Oceanography Teaching Building
OUG - Odegaard Undergrad Library

PAA - Physics Astronomy Auditorium(13-K)
PAB - Physics Astronomy Bar
PAT - Physics Astronomy Tower(12-J)
PAR - Parrington Hall
PCAR - Paccar Hall
PDL - Padelford Hall
PHT - Playhouse Theater
PLT - Plant Laboratory
PSC - Pacific Science Center (Off campus)

ATG - Quaternary Research Center (Officially part of the Atmos Sci/Geophysics Building)

RAI - Raitt Hall
ROB - Roberts Hall
RTB - Benjamin Hall, Interdiciplinary Research & Technology Building
RVC - Roosevelt Commons

SAV - Savery Hall
SGS - Community Design Building-3947 Univ Way
SIG - Sieg Hall
SMI - Smith Hall
SMZ - Schmitz Hall
SOCC - South Campus Center
SUZ - Suzzallo Library
SWS - Social Work/Speech and Hearing Sciences Building

TER - Terry Hall (10-F)
TGB - Graves Building
THO - Thomson Hall

UMCC - University Medical Center wings CC, EE, NE, NN, NW, SE, SS, & SW
UMSP - University Medical Center, Surgery and Treatment Pavilion

WBA - Will be assigned
WCL - Wilson Ceramic Laboratory
WFS - Winkenwerder Forest Science Lab
WIL - Wilcox Hall