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Matthew E. Goldman
Tacoma Campus


Investigates the history and forms of Islam, the predominant religion of the Middle East. Particular attention devoted to understanding values, views, and assumptions that are often quite different from those familiar in the secular societies of the West.

Class description

This class will provide an introduction to Islam, its history and beliefs, with a focus on contemporary issues and debates. Since the beginnings of the faith, Muslims have put forward the claim that Islam offers not only a path to salvation in the next world, but also an ideal model for organizing social and political life in this life as well. However, since the passing of the prophet, Muslims have been divided over what, exactly, Islam prescribes for its adherents and the best way to carry out its message. Through examining the debates Muslims have engaged in over the relationships between Islam, the state, society, and the good, this course will enable us to better understand and appreciate the sources of diversity and disagreement within Islamic communities and between Muslims and non-Muslims today.

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