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Ioanna Mavrea
TQS 107
Tacoma Campus

Mathematics: A Practical Art

Focuses on the important ideas of mathematics and mathematical methods of investigation with application to real life problems. Covers selected topics in arithmetic, geometry, probability and statistics. For students who have at least 1.5 years of high school algebra and do not plan to take additional mathematics. Prerequisite: TQS 098, score of 49% on MPT-I placement test, score of 35% on MPT-A placement test, or score of 56% on MATHEA placement test

Class description

Here we will consider some of the greatest ideas of mankind -ideas comparable to the works of Shakespeare, Plato, and Michelangelo. The great ideas we will explore here are within the realm of mathematics. What is mathematics? Mathematics is an artistic endeavor which requires both imagination and creativity. In this course, we will experience what mathematics is all about by delving into some beautiful and intriguing issues. There are three basic goals for this course: 1. To attain a better understanding of some rich mathematical ideas. 2. To build sharper skills for analyzing life issues that transcend mathematics. 3. To develop a new perspective and outlook on the way you view the world.

We will cover roughly six different topics. Although you will be challenged, the overriding theme of the course is to gain an appreciation for mathematics and to discover the power of mathematical thinking in your everyday life.

The only prerequisites for this course are an open and curious mind and the willingness to put aside any preconceived prejudices or dislikes for mathematics. Very little mathematical background will be expected and hopefully this course should be (for the most part) "self-contained".

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Date: 09/20/2008