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Margaret Griesse
TPOL S 435
Tacoma Campus

Popular Movements in Latin America

Examines popular movements in Latin America, including historical background of modern popular organizations, an analysis of the evolution of the discourse surrounding the terms "popular movement," "social movement," and "civil society." Discusses contemporary trade unionism, grass-roots peoples' initiatives, cooperative movements, guerrilla organizations, human rights groups, and feminist movements.

Class description

Historically Latin America has been the stage for various forms of organized resistance against colonialism, slavery, military authoritarianism and economic oppression. Recently marginalized groups have struggled to bring their claims to the public sphere within the current context of neoliberalism, globalization and redemocratization. In this course, we will analyze the contextual contingencies, resources, ideology, strategies and consequences of various Latin American movements. In so doing, we will develop tools to analyze popular struggles as they arise within the global context.

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Date: 12/22/2010