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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Michael Forman
TPOL S 311
Tacoma Campus

International Human Rights

Team-oriented research of the historical origins, theories, basic documents, personalities, institutions, and legal and political processes which have promoted international human rights as a widely accepted legal and moral foundation for a just world order.

Class description

This course examines the developing international human rights regime in the context of the political and institutional forces which have shaped it and which it in turn seeks to reshape. We look at the crises that have spurred the development of human rights, responses and debates around the practices of human rights, and ask how we might help extend and enhance human rights practices at home and abroad.

Student learning goals

Understand the central principles of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Understand the complexity of relations between groups, societies, cultures and natural environments that have both shaped human rights practices and been changed by these practices.

Understand the institutional innovations represented by international human rights ideas, laws, and practices.

Develop proficiency in skills such as locating, evaluating, and discussing information relevant to human rights issues.

Understand how to evaluate and use complex concepts both to develop an understanding of the world and to make a difference in it.

General method of instruction

Lecture and discussion.

Recommended preparation

No background is assumed.

Class assignments and grading

Readings and very short research project

Tests, quizzes, one short (3-4 page) essay OR a short presentation.

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