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Joseph M Lawless
T MGMT 465
Tacoma Campus

Board Governance I

Introduces nonprofit board membership and governance. Students serve as apprentices with nonprofit organizations and act as nonvoting board members. Provides experiences in gathering and assessing information and materials related to nonprofit governance practices. Prerequisite: either T CORE 101, TWRT 112, or ENGL 131. Offered: W.

Class description

This course is presented as a series with TMGMT 466 in Spring. During 465, we will connect you with a nonprofit organization board in the community. You will attend board meetings as an intern and gather information about your organization that will be used for analysis during 466 in Spring quarter.

Student learning goals

Improve familiarity with the operations of volunteer, nonprofit boards and the governance of nonprofit organizations

Build skills in gathering and analyzing information related to nonprofit community organizations

Improve interpersonal skills and overcome barriers to community volunteering at the board service level

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Summary paper (2-4 pages)about your organization. Poster presentation about your organization. Binder: a binder of materials gathered throughout the quarter.

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