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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Michael K. Honey
T HIST 322
Tacoma Campus

American Labor Since the Civil War

Provides a history of workers and labor institutions from the era of industrialization to the post-industrial era, focusing on labor-management conflict, the rise and fall of unions, and on the role of government, the media, and other forces in determining events. Concludes with an assessment of labor today.

Class description

This course provides the student with an overview of labor and social history from the Civil War to the present, with a focus on the role of working-class people in building and democratizing America. Who Built America? is the main text. Films, lectures, intensive discussions, review of sources, and independent readings will culminate in a free ranging debate about the role of labor in American society. We will also attend a special lecture and have a classroom discussion with Pulitzer-prize winner Hedrick Smith on his new book, Who Stole the American Dream?

Student learning goals

Learn an overview history of American working people.

Strengthen reading, research, writing, and memory skills.

Develop writing and oral communication skills.

Open a world of discussion about work and workers and how this relates to your own life.

General method of instruction

Lecture-discussion, with a focus on film and historical analysis.

Recommended preparation

No prerequisites required.

Class assignments and grading

Quizzes and participation, two essays, a book review, one-fourth each of your grade.

Twenty-five percent for each of the items above.

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Date: 08/10/2013