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Time Schedule:

Michael Kucher
TESC 426
Tacoma Campus

Ecological History Field Studies

Studies human-ecosystem interactions over time. Includes both human-induced and naturally occurring forces. Emphasizes field sampling, integration of cartographic data, archival research, analytic skills, and synthetic writing. Includes required field trips to libraries, archives, and research sites in Washington state.

Class description


Your project in the class will be to write a history of a particular landscape within the watershed of the Salish Sea. A particular focus in the Winter of 2014 is the loss of wetlands in our region since the beginning of the European fur trade 200 years ago.

There will be multiple field trips as well as one overnight trip to the Olympic Peninsula in mid January. all are required.

Student learning goals

use primary sources to construct a history of a place

read maps and early documents with attention to extracting ecological details

visit and interpret landscapes, placing them into a larger context

integration of a wide variety of sources into a coherent narrative

General method of instruction

grades will depend on participation in group activities and the quality of your own research project

Recommended preparation

set aside 21 hours per week in time to read the 6 assigned books and to write a major research paper.

Class assignments and grading

six books, major research, 15pp paper with footnotes and an annotated bibliography

quality of work, engagement, participation, great writing, contribution to knowledge

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