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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Katherine M Bartlett
T EDUC 594
Tacoma Campus

Practicum Seminar II

Second of two practicum seminars designed to improve professional practice. Prerequisite: T EDUC 593 or permission of instructor.

Class description

The goal of the practicum seminar is to improve students' educational practices. The seminar will provide students with the background, knowledge and opportunity to explore evidence-based practices in "real" academic settings.

Student learning goals

Critically read and analyze research on evidence-based instructional practices

Articulate perspectives, based on research, regarding major issues in the education of students with disabilities and others with challenging learning issues

Design and implement an intervention action plan created to improve instructional outcomes for students with regards to their diversity and abilities

Design and implement methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan

Understand the importance and value of differentiating assignments to match students' needs

Understand the necessity to remain current concerning evidence-based practices and policies

General method of instruction

Whole group instruction with small group research projects. Opportunities for questions, answers, feedback on practicum experiences. Differentiated method of assignments and assessments.

Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

Assisgnments will be project based. Grading is pass/fail.

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Date: 03/28/2009