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Vanessa E. Tucker
T EDSP 544
Tacoma Campus

Special Education Assessment and Evaluation

Explores the main purposes for educational assessment of students with disabilities including the social, legal, and ethical considerations involved in educational assessments. Addresses the roles and responsibilities of each member of the assessment team. Discusses various measurements including standardized tests, norm, criterion referenced, and curriculum-based assessment.

Class description

This course will enable participants to utilize a variety of assessment and evaluation procedures in the delivery of special education services to students with disabilities. Special education teachers must develop expertise in assessment in order to plan appropriate intervention for students. A wide range of assessments for a variety of purposes will be discussed. An emphasis will be placed on: 1) Selecting the appropriate assessment tools/procedures for the situation. 2) Administering, scoring and evaluating assessment results. 3) Developing specially designed instruction based upon assessment results. Through the completion of this course work the student shall have demonstrated knowledge and skill in the following areas: Student assessment and evaluation including: Functional Behavior Assessment, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), Accommodations for the MSP and HSPE, and organization and management systems (i.e. IEP, scheduling, evaluation and record-keeping/data collection).

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