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Instructor Class Description

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Jill M Purdy
T BUS 508
Tacoma Campus

Integrated Systems

Integrates material learned in the MBA core through immersion in systems theory. Learn to view organizations as open systems and evaluate consequences of business decisions. Uses online simulation to demonstrate the interplay of various subsystems in organizations while competitive forces create an environment of ongoing change.

Class description

As the final course in the MBA core curriculum, TBUS 508 integrates and extends the foundation course work. The course challenges students (1) to apply discipline-specific knowledge, (2) to experience the interaction of organizational subsystems, and (3) to diagnose problems and implement solutions at the interpersonal, business and industry levels through application of systems thinking. As students make decisions in a dynamic, competitive environment, they gain an understanding of the strategic, financial, ethical and competitive consequences of business decisions.

Student learning goals

Analyze organizational events and processes using a complex adaptive systems model

Diagnose business problems from a systems perspectives and more accurately predict the consequences of organizational actions

Address the challenges associated with managing organizational change given the interrelated dynamic nature of the organization as a system

General method of instruction

Reading, group simulation

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/17/2008