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Sabine Lang
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Women Studies

Exploration of specific problems and issues relevant to the study of women. Offered by visiting or resident faculty members. Primarily for upper-division and graduate students.

Class description

Topic: Citizenship and Gender in Europe and the United States

Citizenship in Europe and in the United States is gendered. Gender arrangements are a key dimension of political participation, economic performance, civic engagement, and family structures. Persisting gender inequalities on both continents are a challenge that governments, businesses, and families address in different ways and with different priorities. Investigating gendered citizenship means assessing, among other things, the distribution of economic and political resources, of public voice, and of care work in Europe and the US. This course introduces students to multiple approaches to gender equality, ranging from the liberal citizenship discourse and its policies in the United States to social democratic citizenship in Scandinavia and republican citizenship in France. We will assess persisting inequalities and measures that different states have taken to counteract them. Moreover, we will ask how the EU has influenced gender policies in its member states and whether Central and East European Countries have adjusted to Western gender norms after 1989.

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