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Mary Anne Christy
Seattle Campus

Teaching and Learning in Social Studies.

Strategies for teaching social studies and the arts through integrated thematic units of curriculum and instruction. Prerequisite: elementary TEP student.

Class description

This course is intended to give you practical teaching methods in social studies and the arts. It will also give you strategies that will help your students become competent citizens.

Student learning goals

Students will 1. be able to plan and create successful lesson plans that incorporate instructional strategies and professional practices including inquiry, concept formation and discussion.

Students will 2. be able to develop a cohesive unit plan that incorporates these strategies while maintaining objectives gleaned from state standards.

Students will 3. be able to create lesson plans that address multiple objectives (content and intellectual work), multiple state learning expectations and multiple student learning styles while presenting appropriate formal and informal assessment strategies for those objectives.

General method of instruction

The methods of social studies will be taught through lecture and through the experience of the methods themselves. You will read about, hear about, see models of, practice with, discuss your own drafts of and then submit lessons on the three classic methods and other tried-and true teaching strategies.

Recommended preparation

All the prerequisites that come with being a TEP student.

Class assignments and grading

In order to teach the necessary content, skills and values that mold citizens, you will learn about and create lessons in the classic methods that enable students to (a) engage in social science inquiry, (b) form and extend powerful concepts and (c) engage in controlled and rich deliberation. The final project will be the creation of a social-studies unit that incorporates these three methods and other strategies taught in the course.

As described in the syllabus.

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Date: 06/11/2011