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Instructor Class Description

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Allen D. Glenn
Seattle Campus

Teaching and Learning in Social Studies.

Strategies for teaching social studies and the arts through integrated thematic units of curriculum and instruction. Prerequisite: elementary TEP student.

Class description

After completing the course you will be able to: (1) identify the core learning outcomes for social studies education; (2) develop strategies to integrate social studies learning into the school curriculum; and (3) develop instructional strategies appropriate for a diverse group of students. We focus on three core questions: (1) What is social studies? (2) What is taught in elementary social studies? And (3) what are appropriate instructional strategies? During the course you will be asked to read the text and related materials, participate in instructional activities designed to illustrate a pedagogical strategy for teaching social studies, develop lessons, critique each otherís work, and participate in on-line discussions. You will need access to the Internet. If you do not have a personal computer, the College has a computer lab on the fourth floor of Miller Hall. During your school placement you will also be asked to talk with your teacher about units and lesson plans in social studies, examine one or more teaching units, and explore how technology is being used in the classroom.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures, small group work, micro teaching, and threaded on-line discussions will be used in the course.

Recommended preparation

Course is for elementary education majors in the College of Education.

Class assignments and grading

Four assignments: (1) Teacher led presentatioin; (2) Concept lesson; (3) Inquiry lesson; and (4) Final examination.

(1) Grades received on four assignments; (2) Attendance and participation in class activities; and (3) Professional conduct

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