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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Grace Chiu
STAT 220
Seattle Campus

Basic Statistics

Objectives and pitfalls of statistical studies. Structure of data sets, histograms, means, and standard deviations. Correlation and regression. Probability, binomial and normal. Interpretation of estimates, confidence intervals, and significance tests. (Students may receive credit for only one of STAT 220, STAT 221, STAT 311, and ECON 311.) Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

A general introductory statistics course intended for a non-mathematical audience and students. Provides basic training in critical thinking via statistical concepts and a statistician's way of understanding the world: ideas of chance variation; probability (minimal); techniques in statistical design, sampling, inferences about major population characteristics, regression; skills to interpret data and report conclusions; skills to critique claims published in newspapers, magazines, etc. Emphasis on problem formulation, interpretations, and rationale.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Method of Instruction:

(1) Lecture time will be maximized for instructing key concepts from the text. While students' questions during lectures are encouraged, the condensed schedule for the summer quarter does not allow me to ensure that every student will follow 100% of the material at all times during lecture. Please try to save questions until end of lecture -- once you've grasped the main ideas from lecture, holes can be easily filled in afterwards.

(2) Reading the text before coming to lectures is a must. The more thoroughly you read ahead (concentrate on weekly material instead of entire chapters), the fewer holes you'll have when you leave lecture. Refer to the course schedule for weekly material to be covered.

(3) Tutorial Sessions are for (a) more in-depth explanation of concepts that are not thoroughly discussed in class, and (b) weekly quizzes. Tutorial attendence is crucial. It is your prime opportunity to fill in any holes you may have accumulated from lectures.

Recommended preparation

See above and below.

Class assignments and grading

Weekly assignments are for your preparation of the weekly quizzes. Assignments are not to be handed in for grades. All quiz questions will be slightly modified homework questions from the previous week. Attempt as many assigned problems as possible. If at anytime you are stuck while doing assignments, professional help is always available from the TA's and myself during our office hours. NO ASSIGNED PROBLEM SHOULD BE LEFT UNATTEMPTED.

30% Weekly quizzes during your Tutorial Section; 30% Midterm (non-negotiable date TBA); 40% Final (Fri Aug 20: non-negotiable).

NOTE: No supplementary quizzes or exams (midterm / final) are given. Show up promptly for these events. Illness reasons for absences from quizzes or exams are acceptable ONLY with a Doctor's Note indicating the student is unfit to attend ON THE DAY OF THE QUIZ / EXAM. A zero grade will be given to any missed quiz / exam without such a note.

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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