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Ellen Kaisse
SPAN 409
Seattle Campus

Spanish Phonetics

Analysis of sounds: training in pronunciation, intonation, and close transcription of Spanish language in its modalities. Prerequisite: either SPAN 301 or SPAN 314; either ANTH 203, LING 200, 201, 203, LING 400, or SPAN 323. Offered: jointly with SPLING 409.

Class description

Autumn 2003

Analysis of sounds and syllables: basics of articulatory phonetics and phonology, training in pronunciation and transcription of Spanish, including discussion of variation among dialects. Text: Guitart, Sonido y sentido: manual de pronunciacion espanyola para estudiantes de espanyol en Estados Unidos (in press - we will use a manuscript supplied by the author.) Prerequisites: SPAN 301 and SPAN 323 (may be substituted by an intro to linguistics) or graduate standing. Students who have not yet completed SPAN 301, email for entry code. Students registering under SPAN 409 should consult the Spanish adviser concerning waiving or substituting of requirements.

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Date: 06/13/2003