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Lynn Carrigan
SOC W 564
Seattle Campus

Advanced Health and Mental Health Practice II

Emphasizes advanced social work practice skills in health and/or mental health settings. Attention is given to key theoretical bases for assessment and intervention with clients and client systems. Offered: W.

Class Description

Advanced Health Care Practice: Hospital, Rehab, and Longterm Care Settings

This second advanced health care practice course teaches health care theory, knowledge and practice skills used by health care social workers within these settings. In an interactive classroom environment the course approaches health care practice from a biopsychosocial, ecological, contextual, multi-cultural, interdisciplinary and lifespan perspective. Structural issues of health and health care disparities will be examined from a multicultural perspective, and model prevention and advocacy programs will be added to assessment and treatment approaches.

Students will engage in skill building around family support models, crisis interventions, ethical decision-making models, brief interventions, discharge planning, and case-management, used in pediatric acute care hospitals, maternity floors, medical-surgical services, critical care units, and inpatient rehabilitation programs. In addition, supportive family counseling around loss and grief, issues of spirituality, meaning-making, gentlecare and validation approaches used in assisted living, long term care and hospice programs will be covered. Emphasis will be on interdisciplinary collaboration and consultation and review of medical terminology, common medications, and frameworks for biopsychosocial assessments and interventions.

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Class Assignments and Grading

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