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Taryn Lindhorst
SOC W 563
Seattle Campus

Advanced Practice II: Health/Mental Health

Second quarter of a two-quarter sequence. Highlights program planning, supervision, and intervention across all levels of practice.

Class description

This advanced health/mental health practice course teaches theory, knowledge and practice skills used by social workers in a variety of health care settings. Health is much broader than just the absence of disease, so this course draws on biopsychosocial, ecological, and multicultural theories to inform our understanding of health. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the role of culture in health, issues of disability and chronic illness, the implications of the course of illness for social work assessment and care planning, and the development of self-reflective practice.

This course focuses on skill building around theory and culturally sensitive, strengths based assessment and intervention aimed primarily at the individual and family. Students will be encouraged to think systemically about multi-level aspects of individual health experiences. Specific assessment and intervention strategies related to cultural assessment, motivational interventions, working in interprofessional teams and advocacy actions in large organizations will be discussed and demonstrated.

Student learning goals

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