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Perry Wien
SOC W 563
Seattle Campus

Advanced Practice II: Health/Mental Health

Second quarter of a two-quarter sequence. Highlights program planning, supervision, and intervention across all levels of practice.

Class description

Social Work Practice in Community Mental Health I

This course is the first of two related courses in this content area. It is recommended that students who are most interested in this content take both courses, although either will provide rich content if taken separately. The courses are designed for students who are interested in social work practice with mentally ill, chemically dependent, or co-occurring disorder adults in community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, veteran's administration programs, inpatient and outpatient chemical dependence treatment programs, programs for chemically addicted and mentally ill clients, mental health or chemical dependence residential programs, homeless programs, drop-in centers, emergency rooms, shelters, prisons, and related services. The courses emphasizes state-of-the-art treatment perspectives, including: inspiring clients toward recovery; rehabilitation; care planning; concurrent treatment of mental illness and substance abuse/dependence; medications; effective multicultural mental health practice; working with the most challenging populations, including personality disorders, mentally ill offenders; homeless clients; consumer and peer support models, and, ethical practice working with constrained mental health and chemical dependence resources. The courses will examine in depth implications for working with this population, including culturally competent practice, enhancement of social justice for a uniquely oppressed grup, the latest evidence-based practices, advocacy in a resource-starved environment, and understanding the importance of self-reflection and external consultation in mental health practice. The course uses a case-based model from student practica to illustrate basic concepts.

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