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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Anna Haley-Lock
SOC W 553
Seattle Campus

Supervisory Leadership

Presents critical skills for major phases of the personnel process including recruiting, supervising, and supporting employees. Offered: A

Class Description

Leadership and Program Development

This course focuses on the theoretical tools and techniques of practice needed by those who wish to specialize in human services agency administration through the functions of leadership, program planning, design and implementation. You will be asked to draw on and further develop both analytical and applied knowledge and skills that are involved in the various stages of managing people and programs. The course is structured along two central perspectives. First, many if not all of the day-to-day responsibilities you will undertake as a social worker are managerial in nature, and should accordingly be informed by insights from scholarship on leadership and program and human resource management. And second, managerial responsibilities most often fundamentally center on the distribution of opportunity and inequality, and accordingly have tremendous impacts on workers, clients, and communities.

Lecture/discussion, student presentations.

Recommended preparation

Class Assignments and Grading

Written work, oral presentation, class participation

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