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Maureen Marcenko
SOC W 531
Seattle Campus

Advanced Practice with Diverse Children and Families: Focus on Child Mental Health

Develops specialized knowledge and skills for practice with children with mental health concerns and their families. Emphasis on child and family mental health assessment and interventions that are culturally relevant, collaborative, and strength-promoting. Topics include culture and mental health, system of care, psychotropic medication, ADHD, and depression.

Class description

The course builds on the core frameworks and competencies acquired in the foundation classes to help students develop specialized knowledge and skills for practice with diverse children who have a range of mental health concerns and their families. The emphasis of this course is on child mental health assessment and intervention within the context of the multigenerational family and community. Recognizing that no single definition of child mental health adequately addresses the diverse families we work with, this course seeks to provide practice frameworks that are culturally sensitive, collaborative, strength-promoting, and empowering.

The field of child mental health is rapidly evolving, requiring that social workers be knowledgeable about advances in biological, psychological, and social aspects of assesmment and intervention. In addition, students need to be informed about policy mandates such as systems of care and recovery that shape the service system. In this course, students will be exposed to the most current developments in the assessment and evidence based treatment of children with mental health issues and their families.

The following conditions will be reviewed in terms of presentation, etiology, prevalence, incidence, developmentally appropriate assessment and evidence based intervention: 1) ADD and ADHD, 2) depression and bipolar disorder, 3) anxiety disorders, and 4) autistic spectrum disorders.

Preference is given to students who have completed SW530.

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