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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Hsiang-Hui D. Kuo
SOC 569
Seattle Campus

Demographic Studies of Stratification

Overview of development of models of socioeconomic achievement ("status attainment" paradigm) in the field of stratification. Begins with work of Blau and Duncan. Covers elaboration of basic models to include race and ethnicity, social psychological variables, class, school and labor market effects, and other structural variables. Prerequisite: SOC 513, SOC 518.

Class Description

The foremost purpose of this seminar is to prepare students of social stratification and social demography to research the process of status attainment. Empirical evidence and research are emphasized in the seminar. It is not required to have graduate level of demography and social stratification before.

reading, discussion and reserch paper

Recommended preparation

Two courses of statistics (up to multivariate analysis, including logistic regression), one general course of social stratification and one general course of intro demography.

Class Assignments and Grading

One empirical term paper: quantitative method is preferred.

leading discussions and term paper.

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