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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jerald R. Herting
SOC 425
Seattle Campus

Applied Social Statistics

Applications of statistics in sociology and related social sciences. Emphasis on problems of analysis with imperfect data. Probability in statistical inference. Analysis of variance; contingency table analysis, nonparametric procedures; regression analysis in social research. Offered: Sp.

Class Description

This course is designed to give you a fundamental background in a basic tool of the social scientists, multiple regression, and the understanding of simple variations resulting from this basic tool. In developing this knowledge, you will get a sense for the “general linear model”. The goals are to make you familiar with this and related statistical procedures, be aware of the possible problems/pitfalls and possible corrections, and begin to feel comfortable with this basic tool and its application to researh.

Lectures, discussions, and some computer labs

Recommended preparation

Sociology 424 or graduate introductory statistics course and permission of instructor

Class Assignments and Grading

Homework Problem Sets: Application of course materials to problems; computer statistical packages are used to analyze problems; students write up and interpret results.

4 homework assignments

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