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Manchui Leung
SOC 362
Seattle Campus

Race Relations

Interracial contacts and conflicts.

Class description

This course has as its primary objective, the study of race and ethnic relations from the sociological perspective. The course reflects the impact of both historical and contemporary events by using sociological theory, research and science constructs. We will see how race and ethnic relations pattern other social, cultural, economic, historical, political and psychological phenomenon. We will examine how race and ethnic relations in the U.S. had changed over time, discuss current contexts, and hypothesize directions for the future.

The materials discussed in the course should provide an excellent opportunity to examine and reformulate many ideas relating to such diverse issues as the relationship between racial attitudes and behaviors, power and conflict in race relations, the role of race in economic and political systems, how race is framed in the popular media, and the interplay with gender, sexuality and immigrant status.

Student learning goals

Distinguish between race and ethnicity and describe how these concepts have changed over time.

Define and describe how racial and ethnic stratification is formed and supported.

Distinguish prejudice from discrimination, and discuss ways in which they are related.

Describe how race and ethnicity impact aspects of social life such as residential patterns, health, education, work and crime.

Describe the different ways the media frames race and ethnicity and its impact on policy and society.

Place race and ethnicity with other issues such as class, gender, sexuality, immigration, global, etc.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 05/06/2011