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David Pettinicchio
SOC 356
Seattle Campus

Society and Politics

Causes of political change in democratic countries, including public opinion, social movements, interest group activity, and party organization. Offered: jointly with POL S 356.

Class description

This course examines the relationship between social membership and political participation. This means looking at the nature of political power and how it affects the public. It means understanding the concept of “democracy” both in theory and practice, and more specifically, how nations “democratize”. Finally, it means understanding the ways in which citizens are (or are not) included in the political process (i.e., have a say in the enactment of policies that affect them).

Student learning goals

Familiarize the student with major classical and contemporary work on political and social processes

Understand the link between citizen and soci-political structures

Learn about how individuals become politically active in order to change policies that affect their everyday lives

Apply theories to contemporary cases.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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