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Anne Tuominen
SOC 352
Seattle Campus

The Family

The family as a social institution. Historical changes and societal variation in family patterns. Changes over the life cycle. Alternative family forms.

Class description

The importance of family to society cannot be overstated. It is the social institution through which society reproduces itself, its members, its norms, its culture, and many of its structures. Without families, societies would simply cease to exist. That said, families vary significantly across societies and times; they vary in form, in how they come together, in how they are influenced by outside forces, in how they age and so on. In this course, we will examine the relationship between families and society, recognizing that while family is an essential social institution, families differ in their roots, composition, functions, and challenges.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Course will provide a variety of methods of instruction: lecture, active learning exercises, small group work, audio-visual media, independent reading

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 11/10/2010