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Karoliina Kuisma
Seattle Campus

Kalevala and the Epic Tradition

An interdisciplinary approach to the Finnish national epic Kalevala, Estonian Kalevipoeg, and Saami Peivebarnen suongah jehtanasan maajisn. Discussion of traditional worldview, cultural revitalization, and emergent nationalism in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Finland, Estonia, and Saamiland.

Class description

Learning objectives

There are two important components to passing this course. First, you will demonstrate that you have increased your knowledge of Finno-Ugric poetry and its interpretation, mainly through the reading of the Kalevala. Second, you will better your skills in acquiring, processing and understanding culture represented in the poetry. On this basis, by the end of the course you will

1) Be familiar with the content and the significance of the Kalevala and to some extent the Kalevipoeg and Päiven Párne, the epics of the Sami and the Estonian people. 2) Be able to thoughtfully and critically discuss and write about these works in their historical and comparative context based on the reading you have gotten familiar with during the course.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures, reading and pair/group assignments

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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