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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Melissa M. Lucas
Seattle Campus

Hans Christian Andersen and the Fairy Tale Tradition

Influence of Hans Christian Andersen and the fairy tale on modern Scandinavian tales and stories. Investigates the significance of the fairy tale in the modern world, with attention to writers such as Isak Dinesen, Knut Hamsun, Villy Sorensen, William Heinesen.

Class description

This class will explore fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, and also the adaptations others have produced based on those tales. We will look at how these adaptations reflect Andersen's themes, and how the medium (text, visual art, video, etc) influences the story-telling. Creative thought and art are emphasized, as are the legal implications and responsibilities of adaptive work.

Student learning goals

Read and discuss a range of well-known and lesser-known fairy tales by Andersen.

Understand the themes, images, double-meanings, writing style, and personal references of Andersen's tales.

Find and articulate common elements of Andersen's tales and their adaptations.

Critically examine adaptations in terms of their purpose, quality, and success as adaptive works.

Understand legal obligations, responsibilities, rules, and conundrums encountered by those who want to create adaptations.

Create an adaptation of one of Andersen's fairy tales.

General method of instruction

The course is taught with a strong emphasis on small group and large group discussion, and hands-on participation in creative activities. Materials presented in the course will engage a number of modalities - auditory, visual, textual, kinetic, etc.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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