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Stephen T Kerr
Seattle Campus

Special Topics

Course content varies. Offered occasionally by visitors or resident faculty.

Class description

Spring 2002: SPECIAL TOPICS: RUSSIAN EDUCATION & SOCIETY The educational system in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union has gone through large changes paralleling changes in social, economic, and intellectual life. Content and topics: educational experiences in both formal (kindergartens, schools, vocational training institutions, universities) and informal settings (telecommunications media, continuing education programs, the Internet); education and broad questions of social, political, intellectual, and economic development; historical evolution through Imperial and Soviet eras; heritage of Russian work on psychology and pedagogy; continuity and change during and after perestroika; centrism vs. localism in emerging educational politics and practice; new experimental schools and programs; and impact of health conditions and demographic patterns. Knowledge of Russian helpful, but not essential. Add code for undergraduates available in Thomson 111. Offered jointly with EDLPS 541.

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