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Loryn Hazan Paxton
Seattle Campus

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This course will be taught by Prof. George Bozarth. To contact Prof. Bozarth you may email:

The Golden Age of Church Music is how these eight centuries of European history have been characterized. Our explorations will take us from the cloistered monasteries and convents and the towering urban cathedrals of medieval France, to Renaissance Rome and Venice, the fermenting lands of the Lutheran Reformation, the Rome of the Counter-Reformation, the lavish churches of the vibrant Baroque, and “the city of music,” Vienna in the later 18th century. On the way we will meet such fascinating musical figures as the medieval visionary Hildegard of Bingen, the Franco-Flemish master Josquin des Pres (whose music was Luther’s favorite), the Catholic religious dramatist Carissimi, the Lutheran titan Bach, the ever-popular Handel of the Messiah, the fun-loving Haydn of The Creation, and the genius Mozart, whose Requiem recently inspired millions world-wide on the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.

Classes will be conducted as a “senior seminar” of lecture/discussions and will be richly illustrated with recorded musical examples and slides. Assignments will include both reading and listening. Previous music background is not required; we will learn what we need about music, as we go.

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