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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Collett D. Cox
Seattle Campus


Buddhism as a religious way and as a way of thinking; the forms of Buddhism known in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka) and those introduced from there to Tibet and other parts of Central Asia. Includes the "Three Jewels" (i.e., the Buddha or Awakened Person, the Teaching [Dharma], and Community [Sangha]) around which Buddhism is traditionally articulated. Recommended: RELIG 202 or one Asian cultures course.

Class description

We will concentrate on historical issues and the development of fundamental Buddhist doctrinal concepts within India, and their transformation in two significant Buddhist lineages of China and Japan: Chan-Zen and Pure Land.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures with questions and discussion encouraged. > > >

Recommended preparation

Completing the reading assignments and regular participation in class sessions.

Class assignments and grading

Reading assignments for each class; quizzes on reading assignments, two short reflective papers (6 page limit), and a take-home final examination

Basis on which Grades are Assigned: 15% Class Participation 10% Reading Quizzes 20% Paper 20% Paper 35% Final Exam

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