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Instructor Class Description

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Martin S. Jaffee
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Judaism

Basic ideas and motifs of Judaism: God, Covenant, Law, Life Cycle (birth, marriage, family life, sexual laws, role of women, death); Cycle of the Year (Sabbath, holidays, festivals); Holy Land, prayer, Messianism.

Class description

You will leave the course with a basic working knowledge of the history of Judaism, first hand experience with interpreting some of its basic writings, a familiarity with a range of Jewish religious customs, and a general appreciation of ancient, medieval and contemporary Jewish cultural expression. And, if you really get the point, you'll never ever think you can define in one sentence "what Judaism believes!"

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

>> Lectures. > > > > > > > >

Recommended preparation

> There are no prerequesites. >

Class assignments and grading

>Daily reading assignments in primary and secondary sources. >



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