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William M. Zumeta
PB AF 572
Seattle Campus

Higher Education and Public Policy

Explores the nature of public polices affecting higher education, how these policies are made and influenced at both the federal and state levels, and the role of policy research and analysis, and several of the major current public policy problems and policy responses.

Class description

This course is about higher education’s interactions with the world of public policy. It covers the nature of public (federal and state) policies affecting higher education, how these policies are made and influenced and by what types of organizations and structures, as well as the role of policy research and analysis. We will also examine in some depth several of the major current public policy issues in this field. Examples include: access and finance policies (responding to the economic and social demand for higher education, understanding why resources for higher education are so constrained and what might be done); tuition, “affordability,” and student aid policies; accountability policies; and a selection of other issues from among the following: equal opportunity/affirmative action policies; public policy toward private (including for-profit) higher education; distance learning policies; policies to improve transitions between secondary and higher education; or public policies toward academic research and technology transfer. I will make an effort to tailor the specific topics to student interests and to minimize duplication with other courses enrolled students may have had. Classes will include a mix of mini-lecture segments, discussions of readings, guest resource people, and student presentations on their research for the course. Assignments will include a policy-oriented term research paper and other shorter written work.

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