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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Marieka Klawitter
PB AF 529
Seattle Campus

Advanced Multivariate Analysis

Prepares students for advanced work with multivariate methods in program evaluation and policy analysis. Includes a data project that results in a professional quality product; reading examples of professional work and presentations of methods and results. Prerequisite; PB AF 528.

Class description

This course is designed to prepare students for more advanced work with multivariate methods especially in program evaluation and policy analysis.

The course will be run as a workshop: students will choose a major course project that will result in a professional quality product. In addition, students will read examples of professional and academic policy analyses and program evaluations, and be responsible for presenting the methods and results to the class. Guest speakers will present additional examples of analysis and provide information on the context of analysis.

Student learning goals

Further skills in assessing data quality, research design, and presentation methods for multivariate analysis.

Gain experience in the application of multivariate modeling and enhance skills in data manipulation.

Become familiar with advanced analysis methods such as limited dependent variable models (e.g., logit, probit, tobit models), multiple equation models, multilevel methods, imputation for missing data, and selection bias correction models.

Gain additional exposure to the use of multivariate methods in program evaluation and policy analysis

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Read complex empirical reports and identify and assess the quality of research design, data collection methods, data analysis, and conclusions.

Lead class discussion of multivariate methods and academic articles or professional reports.

Produce a professional quality report using multivariate analysis

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