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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Terry L. Macaluso
PB AF 504
Seattle Campus

Leadership Ethics in the Public Interest

Addresses the moral challenges facing leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors. Examines the values and virtues important to sustained ethical leadership as well as strategies to build strong institutional cultures and support ethical practices in institutions.

Class description

Leadership Ethics is an investigation of the complexities of organizational psychology in relation to personal integrity. We will explore issues related to communication, social stratification, the relationship between belief and knowledge, and of that between power and responsibility. The course will include a survey of western philosophical theories of ethics as preparation for discussions about what leadership is, how it evolves, why it works, and why it doesn’t.

Student learning goals

Students will understand how to think about ethics from the perspective of philosophy, i.e., as a system of related concepts;

students will understand the importance and complexity of leading from an ethical posture while maintaining organizational effectiveness;

students will examine their own personal and professional “ethical and leadership practice,” designate one major area for improvement, and define the ways in which their leadership has been enhanced as a consequence of the examination;

students will gain knowledge of contemporary theories of psychology, ethics, and social connection, which are the components of ethical leadership.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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