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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jessica A Sommerville
Seattle Campus

Cognitive Development

Key theoretical and research approaches to cognitive development from infancy through adolescence. Sensorimotor development, language development, imitation, number concepts, logical reasoning, memory, cognition in adolescents, intelligence, and the role of biology, environment, and experience. Prerequisite: either minimum 2.0 grade in PSYCH 306, or 2.0 in both PSYCH 206 and PSYCH 209.

Class description

The following course learning objectives can be accomplished by attending lectures, doing the readings, and completing class assignments.

1) Acquire knowledge about basic aspects of cognitive development. What do children know about the world and how do they achieve this knowledge?

2) Learn how researchers design experiments to assess cognition in children, develop the ability to critically assess these studies, put this knowledge into practice by designing your own experiment.

3) Extend classroom knowledge to real world issues. Use information from lectures and text to evaluate real-world issues that pertain to children's cognitive development .

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures and small group discussions

Recommended preparation

1) Attendance at lectures 2) Completing course readings 3) Asking questions/attending office hours

Class assignments and grading

1) Biweekly quizzes 2) Small group discussions 3) Research proposal

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