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Laura M. Little
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Psychology

Probability theory as a model for scientific inference. Probabilistic variables and experimental outcomes, conditional probability, binomial and related distributions, experiments as samples, statistics and sampling distributions, the normal distribution, confidence intervals, problems of estimation from experiments. Prerequisite: minimum 2.5 grade in PSYCH 209; 2.0 in either MATH 124, MATH 134, or MATH 144. Offered: AW.

Class description

Psych 317 is a 5-credit course with three lecture hours per week and two quiz sections per week. Quiz section A (Tuesday section) is designed as a discussion section, and emphasizes problem solving and communication of quantitative concepts. Topics covered in Quiz section A will follow those covered in lectures. Quiz section B (Thursday section) is designed as a computing laboratory, and emphasizes techniques of computation using statistical software on personal computers. Topics covered in Quiz section B will include the organization of data files, transformations of variables, graphical representations of data, descriptive statistics, and elementary inferential statistical analyses.

Student learning goals

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Date: 06/15/2006