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Instructor Class Description

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George I Lovell
POL S 563
Seattle Campus

Supreme Court in American Politics

Explores the tendency in the United States to turn to the Supreme Court to provide constitutional solutions for some of our biggest social, economic, and political problems. Focuses on the controversies concerning the legitimacy and capacity of the Supreme Court to intervene in American politics and public policy.

Class description

Description: Survey that explores the way political scientists and law professors have studied the United States Supreme Court and explained its role in American politics. Topics covered include: Constitutional theory, judicial review and constitutional interpretation, judicial decision making, conflicts and cooperation between the Court and other branches of government, and statutory interpretation. Basic knowledge of American Constitutional law and history is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

This course is open to graduate students only. No undergraduates will be allowed to enroll in the course.

Recommended preparation

Textbooks will be announced later

Class assignments and grading

Assignments: Students will be asked to participate in discussion, to write 4-5 short response papers, and to write a longer, analytical paper that can be either a theoretically informed literature review or a research design that demonstrates an understanding of the relevant literature.

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