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Karen T Litfin
POL S 525
Seattle Campus

International Law and Institutions

Inputs of international law into the decisional process in foreign policy. Effect of policy on law. Relevant roles of individuals and institutions in routine and crisis situations.

Class description

Description: The emergence of large-scale environmental problems, whose resolution may require an unprecedented level of international cooperation, poses numerous challenges to existing political institutions and traditional theories of world politics. This course will take up several theoretical issues in light of international regimes for various environmental problems, including acid rain, ozone depletion, marine pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Do these "new" problems enhance the prospects for cooperation among nations, particularly between North and South? Can contemporary institutions respond adequately to the challenge of global ecological interdependence? How do existing monetary and trade regimes exacerbate and/or ameliorate environmental problems? To what extent can the empowerment of non-state actors be expected to stimulate changes in the world political system? This course will address all of these questions and more.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Texts. TBA

Class assignments and grading

Assignments. Research design, Research paper.

Grading: Papers: 50%, Class/quiz participation:30%, Research design: 20%.

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