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Cynthia J Simmons
POL S 452
Seattle Campus

Mass Media and Public Opinion

Examines the foundations of the idea of public opinion in a democratic environment and the role of mass communication in the organization, implementation, and control of that opinion. Considers these relationships from the perspectives of societal elites, media, and citizens. Offered: jointly with COM 414.

Class description

Description: In Mass Media Law, students will learn about the First Amendment and laws journalists must know about Heavy emphasis on freedom of the press, libel and the right to report. We will also cover censorship, obscenity and broadcast regulation. This course is essential for those who want to practice journalism. It's also a good introduction to constitutional law for those considering law school. This is a heavy reading course. Students should be able to dedicate several hours to reading in preparation for each class. Some instruction by Socratic method possible moot court participation.

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