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Dean Larue
POL S 447
Seattle Campus

Advanced Seminar in Comparative Politics

Selected comparative political problems, political institutions, processes, and issues in comparative perspective. Strongly Recommended: POL S 204.

Class description

Description: This exciting course, sponsored by the European Union Center of Excellence and the Department of political science, is a mix of theory and practical content, focused on the current, real-world policy issues and internal diplomacy of the European Union. We will look at the roles of large and small countries in policy formation, negotiation, and how countries and other stakeholders work to ensure that final policy outcomes reflect their preferences and concerns. The course begins with background and theoretical information on the European Union, policy-making, and diplomacy, and ends with a series of simulated European Union Summit meetings, where teams of students will represent EU countries in an extended negotiation over a series of policy issues. The instructor, Dean LaRue, is a former US Foreign Service Officer and International Manager for

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