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John D Wilkerson
POL S 405
Seattle Campus

Advanced Seminar in American Politics

Intensive reading and research in selected problems or fields of political analysis.

Class description

Topic: Congressional Research Description In this hands-on seminar, each student will design and execute their own data-driven study of a subject related to national, state, or comparative legislative politics. For example, a student might be interested in explaining why some state legislature have a higher proportion of women legislators than others, the political consequences of redistricting methods, or the consequences of term limits. The objectives of the course are 1) to learn more about the scholarly research process; 2) to develop basic competence in the use of a statistical package such as SPSS or Excel; and 3) to execute an original research project of the student's own design. Collaborative projects are encouraged, and the instructor will be suggesting projects and data resources along the way. Students who do not attend class regularly should not take this course.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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