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Virginia Vandyke
POL S 340
Seattle Campus

Government and Politics of South Asia

Comparison of problems of national integration and political development in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 340.

Class description

Topic: Politics of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Description: This course provides an introduction to the politics of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. After examining the legacies of colonialism, the establishment of post-colonial states, and the functioning of political institutions, the course will concentrate on contemporary issues and conflicts. These include the tension in Center/state relations, the development of ethno-religious secessionist movements, the emergence of ideological contestations including the rise of Hindu nationalism in India, and the dramatic and on-going transformation in relations between castes and classes. The last part of the course will address political economy; specifically, the debate over neo-liberal economic reforms and economic globalization.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Requirements: Requirements include a mid-term, final and a news report. Students will also write a research paper in which they may pursue a particular interest in greater depth.

Class assignments and grading

Grading: Grades will be broken down as follows: 25% for the mid-term, 35% for the essay, 30% for the final, and 10% for the news report.

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