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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Susan H. Whiting
POL S 204
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Political systems in a comparative framework. Traditional and contemporary approaches to the study of governments and societies in different countries. Offered: WSp.

Class description

This course introduces students to Comparative Politics by focusing on three of the most important issues in the field: economic development, democratization, and ethnic and nationalist conflict.

Student learning goals

encounter real-world puzzles or problems and learn some of the Comparative Politics theories that explain them

master key concepts that are the building blocks of these theories

hone skills reading scholarly articles for both theory and evidence

learn how to access scholarly resources quickly

General method of instruction

lecture, section, reading selection of articles, and working through applied exercises

Recommended preparation

intro course; no prerequisites

Class assignments and grading

There are three types of assignments: 1. short conceptual exercises 2. tests 3. final paper not to exceed 6 pages in length

Class participation 20% 3 tests (20% each) 60% 2-page draft & final paper 20%

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