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Instructor Class Description

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James A Caporaso
POL S 203
Seattle Campus

Introduction to International Relations

The world community, its politics, and government. Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

Description: This course is intended as an introduction to the principles and foundations of international relations. As such, it will focus on basic concepts such as nations and nationalism, the nature of the interstate system, anarchy, and power. The primary modes through which nationstates interactdiplomacy, trade, economic sanctions, war, alliances, cooperationwill also be examined. The course also focuses on non state actors, how elements of international society are emerging, as illustrated in the development of international law, norms, and common understandings. Topics in international political economy, such as globalization, will also be discussed.

Student learning goals

basic information about international politics

understanding the institutional environment of international politics, which includes anarchy (absence of central government)

appreciating the importance of different actors: nation states, firms, NGOs, international organizations

role of power: rise and fall of different countries

non state actors, such as al-Qaeda,multi national corporations

economic component of international politics: globalization, regional integration

General method of instruction

lecture, with aid of overheads, supplemented by intensive discussions in TA sections

Recommended preparation

this is an introductory course. any background in international history, international politics, even reading international affairs in newspapers and popular journals will be helpful.

Class assignments and grading

reading, quizzes in sections, in class exams, final exam

exams; section discussion grades, and any other graded assignments in the sections run by TAs

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