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Andreas Karch
PHYS 513
Seattle Campus

Electromagnetism and Relativity

First of a three-part sequence. Principles of electrostatics, complex variable techniques, boundary value problems and their associated mathematical techniques, Green's functions. Offered: A.

Class description

PHYS 513 is the first of a three-quarter sequence on electrodynamics and relativity. It is also giving an introduction to mathematical methods used in physics. These two topics will be covered in parallel. On Tuesdays we will develop mathematical methods. Topics covered will include: Complex analysis and conformal mapping, Applications to two-dimensional electrostatics, and Asymptotic expansions. On Mondays and Thursdays we will work on classical electromagnetism and introduce some more mathematical methods along the way. Topics covered include Electrostatics, Field Energy and Stress Tensor, Linear operators and Green's functions, Separation of Variables, Boundary Value Problems, Orthogonal Basis Expansion, and the Multipole Expansion.

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